Another way to explore movement


Eucoco was born from the desire of creating a community of people that share the same passion.
The focus of the event is to place people in a context of relation and comparison that allows them to express their potential in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
Although contortion is a well-known discipline, it is only practiced by a few. Many times it is difficult to find someone to share your bendy journey with. You spend so much time with yourself exploring and understanding what movements work better for your body.
Contortion is not just a way to work out, it’s a path of mental growth.
It teaches you to be patient without expecting immediate results and to breathe and handle your emotions in situations of discomfort.

Sometimes you can think of it like a different type of meditation, you need to relax not just your muscles but especially your mind. 

It tells you that it is necessary to focus on one step at a time and not to be frightened by the entire staircase. Small changes will add up to create big transformations.
When you train a high-risk discipline it is necessary to have a good coach that spots your imbalances and pushes your limits in a safe way. Many times it is difficult to find one that lives in the same area.
This event wants to gather students and contortion lovers along with teachers and facilitators who can safely help everyone to realize their potential by paying a lot of care to prehab and injury prevention.

EuCoCo is a place where you can grow, get inspired and have fun by creating a new BENDY COMMUNITY.